i heart humans

amy: [ey-mee]
noun, singular
1. twenty-two-year-old residing in california.
2. strange, albeit awesome; the type of person who would be referred to as "quirky."
3. unable to turn down an adventure, dare or even a particularly wild suggestion for that matter.


I can’t believe I haven’t been before! Everyone who has ever said it’s overrated or not worth the money clearly just has a bad attitude or bad friends.

Every person in the group was so positive and uplifting, no one complained a single time and I couldn’t have been more grateful for that. It was yet another reminder that I am moving in the right direction at the type of people I want in my life, and I’m so proud of the progress I’ve made with that already since moving back to San Diego. There are so many moments that will be stuck with me permanently

Chance The Rapper was the absolute highlight, musically. He is such an inspiring and incredible person and seeing him with Sam and Sunny who feel equally as strong about him was absolutely amazing.

I’m walking away not only having had the absolute time of my life, but also getting so much closer and learning so much about some very important people in my life. I am blessed, blessed, blessed and if nothing else, I want to constantly remember that.